Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sad to say...I haven't been posting lately,
I'll try to do better, I promise!

Because of other projects and obligations, Sheila and I have
missed folk art shows this summer.

We didn't get to DAY in the COUNTRY in Morehead, KY
or to MINNIE ADKINS DAY in Sandy Hook, KY.  We sure
miss seeing our dear friend Minnie Adkins and her grandson
Greg...and his beautiful family.

We just ran across a great story on Minnie in the Lexington,

We also missed SLOTIN'S FOLK FEST in Atlanta miss year.
There  was a nice video of Steve's TV interview explaining
folk art. VIEW IT HERE
Do you know about our friend DANNY HOSKINSON...aka...
BUCKETMAN?  Unfortunately Danny passed away back in
2008...possibly from complications of years of breathing
the fumes of melted 5 gallon plastic buckets.  Danny would
make great sculptures by melting and shaping the melted 
buckets.  He was an unusual guy but a gentle soul and a 
good friend...we really seeing Danny at the shows. 
Check out this YouTube Video
Here's another famous folk artist friend BUTCH ANTHONY
he's from Seale Alabama and runs the Museum of Wonder 
and Possum Trot Auction.  I always say: "Anybody that 
likes possums, can't be all bad!"
You might have seen Butch on the TV show 
"American Pickers" they've been at his place several times.