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Saturday June 6, 2015

Famed woodcarver, Minnie Adkins, from Happy Gizzard Holler first started "A Day In The Country" back in the late 80’s, to introduce folks to the wonderful world of folk art.  It is Kentucky’s original folk art fair. It expanded and soon outgrew the ”the hollar" near Minnie’s home and was moved to the Morehead Conference Center near the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Kentucky

With more than 50 folk artists from ten states, A Day in the Country is one of the largest annual gatherings of folk artists in America. At the event, visitors can purchase artworks directly from artists. The event also features a folk art auction and live acoustic music. 
At this annual gathering, the first Saturday every June,  Minnie and a large group of
other well known folk artists get together to celebrate each others work, and socialize
with folk art collectors from all over.  


SLOTIN’S 22nd annual FOLK FEST
North Atlanta Trade Center - Norcross, GA
1700 Jurgens Ct. Norcross, GA (I-85 & Indian Trail Rd. Exit 101)
Fri, Sat, Sun. -  August 14-15-16, 2015

FOLK FEST is the world’s largest Folk Art Show and Sale. It brings together, dozens of the top folk artists in the country and 90 folk art galleries. The show annually hosts 12,000 to 15,000 attendees. If you are a folk art collector or just getting started and want to be exposed to the largest selection of folk art that you’ll find anywhere.  You can find a piece for 10 or 20 dollars to get your collection started….or you can spend
thousands to buy a rare piece.  It show is OVERWHELMING!  Where else will you see millions of dollars worth of folk art all in one building…It’s all here!

Sheila and I have been displaying and selling there since about 2002.  We attended this great event several year before that, to add to our personal collection.

A couple years ago, friends and show neighbors: Debbie Hummel -Marconi and Mario Marconi shot a short video of booths and interviews with various artists at the show.   


44th Annual KENTUCK Festival of the Arts
No it’s not in Kentucky…the early settlement at this location was called Kentuck.
Oct 17, 18 - 2015 - Northport, AL 
(Across the River from Tuscaloosa)

This art festival has been held the third weekend each October since 1971. It’s held in the village park, on one side of the creek is 200 contemporary artists and crafts people, on the other side of the creek is 20-30 outsider and folk artists.  All the folk artists are there by invitation only….and they set up free).  There’s no other show  like this anywhere. You’ll love it.

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